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Vision and Mission

Creating Opportunities: Changing Lives 

Our Vision:

Sequoia Middle School students will have the skills and knowledge to be prepared for college and career and to make a positive impact in a dynamic global society.   

Our Mission:

The mission of Sequoia Middle School is to provide students a dynamic, engaging and effective educational experiences that prepares them with the skills to be productive citizens in a global society.   

Expected Graduate Outcomes: 

As a result, all students will develop and demonstrate: 

  • Critical thinking and problems solving skills.
  • Cultural awareness and the ability to collaborate with diverse groups   
  • Technical Skills in Digital Media applications and information management
  • Effective communication skills of listening, speaking, and writing 
  • Creativity and innovation
  • Leadership, self-management, and organizational skills obtained through real world applications and community involvement
  • Adaptability, responsibility and ethical behaviors
  • The ability to navigate the global world of work and further their information